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Abode Wool & Delicate Wash


For woolens and delicates suitably washed either by hand or in a machine on wool cycle.

High performance

No nasty chemicals

Top & Front loader


Top Loading machines

Normal Load - 1/2 cap

Heavy Load/hard water - 1 cap

Front Loading machines

Normal Load - 1/4 cap 

Heavy Load - 1 cap


1/2 cap. Mix thoroughly before immersing garment

Gently massage the solution through garment. Rinse thoroughly in Luke warm water.


Always follow the garment manufacturers instructions


Filtered Water, alkylpolyglucosides (derived from corn, wheat and coconut), xanthan gum (food grade), sodium gluconate - produced from the fermentation of glucose and used to chelate heavy metals, ethyl cellulose - cosmetic grade and derived from wood fibre, citric acid (food grade), glycine extracts (amino acids) and Australian grown pure Blue Mallee eucalyptus essential oil.



Keep out of reach of children. Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. Store in a cool dry place below 30°C. 

Abode Wool & Delicate Wash